Chinese interest in Australia Stock Investment climbing rapidly

"Chinese interest in Australia Stocks has shown a recent surge in bidding activity" said Robbie Burns, Director of Sales for

"We have seen the PPC price hovering around the USD $.50 - $.80 cents mark for majority of last year, but suddenly after CNYE we have seen the PPC price shooting up and have increased by more than 200% to now USD$1.95.

Baidu does not set the PPC price rather it is a bidding war between parties wishing to put their website above their competitors in Baidu Search Results (page 1 SERPs).

This is a strong indicator that the desire to market Australian stocks to Chinese has increased sharply, and we can also say that this is a good reflection on overall market demand.

It will be interesting to see where the price levels out, and we can also predict with confidence that the new "floor price" will be now about USD$.50 cents, and double the floor price from 6 months ago" stated Robbie.

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