The Impact of the Chamber of Commerce on International Business Relations with China

There are three major organizations that oversee commercial diplomacy in the Asian market, and all three are located in China. The China External Trade Development Council is something of an exception with its main base in Taiwan, though this organization continues to oversee exhibitions, trade education, convention services, information services and market research and development for those hoping to work with China. The China World Trade Center in Haikou also takes on such roles, though this organization only provides resources to those that join this organization. The primary focus of the China World Trade Center is the trade and marketing practices of the Hainan Province.

The main source of international trade and information in China stems from the China Chamber of International Commerce. This organization updates their reports online every two weeks to provide those participating in this market with information on the present state of China’s economy including construction projects and customs in the area that could impact business. All trades ranging from textiles, agriculture, immigration or political interests are required to work through the China Chamber of International Commerce as a means of encouraging technological trading and incorporating these actions into the Chinese tax system.

Any members of an additional International Chamber of Commerce branch from their own country can use this affiliation as a means to work with the China Chamber of International Commerce. These connections are used to ensure that the standards for outside organizations are maintained when goods are being produced and shipped from the Asian market. Given the ever-increasing level of manufacturing China is taking on as a world power, additional attention is being given to these products to ensure that they are safe and of high quality, though these standards should not differ from those that would be imposed on any other market worldwide.

Those that have business concerns regarding their marketing interests in China are encouraged to contact both the Chinese Business Council of the International Chamber of Commerce as well as their own branch. This will alert the government of both countries that there is an issue which requires intervention. Any issues associated with maintaining the quality and safety of production facilities or goods may be reported, though the specific actions taken in each case will vary based on the nature of the problem. In most cases this action is considered unnecessary as businesses will often manage their own affairs when establishing marketing interests within the country.

The International Chamber of Commerce is also becoming increasingly involved in reporting business actions to the world community as a whole. The BASIS act (Business Action to Support the Information Society) was founded in 2006 as a way of allowing for greater technological development, liberalization of telecoms, internet governance for technological markets and innovation and entrepreneurship into new markets. This act has been essential to those that have explored technological pursuits in China, providing additional resources to monitor factories and the market from home so business can be expanded without the need for constant, personal oversight.