PPC Management

PPC Management Services (Pay Per Click)

Successful pay-per-click campaigns offer amazing ROI and brand-building opportunities. But every campaign needs careful management. Close attention should be paid to changing markets, bid wars get very heated and it pays to keep advert copy constantly adjusting. It takes time, and a whole lot of knowledge to get it right.

Why is necessary for our professional PPC management?

Our PPC campaigns management of Google Adwords, Baidu PPC are based around competitive analysis and optimum keywords are derived from extensive research and A/B testing.

We will increase your web traffic/click through rates (CTR) and conversions by creating specific landing pages and targeting PPC ad copy for each desired search term your prospects are searching on.

One of our strategies, is by placing your web visitors that type an optimized search terms onto a specific landing page that was designed for that product or service. This will help increase conversion rates and enhance web user's experience and in turn generate a greater return on investment (ROI).

Our PPC Management service begins by researching your industry, performing a competitive analysis report, measuring your website statistical data for locking in a control period, and then by extensively researching all relevant search terms to set up an optimal campaign. This will help determine the best possible daily budget for each ad group (which contains various keywords). This will also help us measure and manage the performance of each ad group individually and as a whole to compare visitor traffic patterns from your website for maximum results.

Our PPC Services Include,

Campaign Set-up & Keywords Research

Setting up a successful Pay Per Click Campaign is a time consuming process which involves the following:

Embarking on keyword research and selection. A typical SEM-PPC campaign may involve hundreds to thousands of targeted keywords.

There are various search engines and sites offering PPC services.

Which are the ones that best meet your objectives and what are the differences between them? Your bidding prices for different keywords will affect their positions on the ads display.

What is the best pricing to offer? Is your ad copy compelling and unique? An effective ad copy will result in higher conversion rate.

Often or not, landing pages determine the conversion rates and ROI of a PPC campaign. We create effective landing pages to measure results and increase ROI.

Keywords Bidding Management

Pay Per Click listings work around a model where prices for individual keywords vary from time to time. Constant monitoring and adjusting is necessary to ensure your bids will always achieve efficient and cost effective results. Our PPC Professionals can:

  • Increase click through rates through increased keywords relevancy.
  • Target ad copy towards geographical locations.
  • Create compelling and unique ad copy to improve conversions.
  • Create effective landing pages to ensure higher ROI.
  • Adjust PPC Campaign to deliver cost effective and efficient results.
  • Lower costs by eliminating non-converting or non-performing clicks.

Campaign Tracking & Reporting

Success of a PPC campaign is measured through constant tracking, analysis and reporting. Our analysis, tracking and reporting are done on a regular basis to determine:

  • Click Through Rates.
  • Bounce Rates and Conversion Rates.
  • Percentage of converting clicks.
  • Costs of Clicks Vs Effectiveness of Clicks.
  • Performance of various geographical locations.
  • Importance of impressions VS Marketing Objectives.

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