Imbalanced Internet Ad Spending in China

In early 2013, China's netizens has reached over 560 million, and the number of Chinese mobile phone netizens was 340 million. According to Forrester Research, 17% of the world netizens now come from China and this figure is still growing at a rate of 1%-3%. However, with the fast growing of China internet usage, the development of online advertising are falling behind.

According to the figure of internet advertising spend based on the data from GroupM, we can see that the time spent  on Internet of Chinese occupies 31% of the total time spent on different medias, while the proportion of online ad spend only accounts for 10.6% of the overall ad spend in China. This proportion is going to chagin the near future. Seen from the bottom graph, though the proportion of online spend in the US is always higher than that of China, the growth rate of the former gets lower than that of the latter since 2009 when online ad spend proportion increased by 1% in the US, but 2.7% in China. Based on GroupM’s estimation, online ad spend proportion in China will surpass the US in 3 years.

10 Tips to Create Content for Marketing in China

For the social media marketing, there is no doubt that content is king, but where does the content come from? this question has been besetting for numbers of users or companies when updating their website, blogs and other social medias. Here I list 10 tips for create content:

1. Recycle what you know.
Rearranging what you have said or written before, and filter out the important info and summarize them into a new article. this should be welcome for the readers who hadn't read these info

2. Curate the news

Paraphrasing what others have written or said, and putting comments and maybe have some comparisons.(should always give credit to original source)

3. Conduct a survey
Have survey on your industry's hot phenomena, which will increase your content's  public credibility.

4. Become a reporter for your industry
Always release recent information and news about your industry.

5. Interview the industry leader

Can have some interviews on the people who are outstanding in the industry.

6. Share presentations
Sharing the content of your recent prostration is a good idea.

7. Conduct an interview yourself
Treat yourself is the industry leader, and preparing some questions for yourself and answering them, are a also very cool idea. and maybe you can receive unexpected

8. Answer the hot questions
Never forget F&Qs, Regular updating F&Qs will greatly contributing to the content.

9. Create visual appeal
putting the your existing content into a different format, such as info graph, will create a different fresh visual effect.

10. showcase your talents through video tutorials
This object will need the cooperation from other resources, you will need video equipment, editing works and a good speaker/actor.