The Real Value of Market Share

From the monthly search share report, pure data shows that Baidu is currently possessing proximate 69% of the whole market. However, considering the real contribution to SEO/PPC, the value of this figure should be questioned.

Baidu Market Share 69%, 27% of those come from Baidu's sub Properties

Baidu Web Properties Traffic Percentage
Baidu Knows 5.42%
Baidu Encyclopedia 4.40%
Baidu Post bar 3.35%
Baidu Video Search 2.57%
Baidu Image search 1.61%
Baidu Wenku 1.60%
Baidu Map Search 1.40%
Baidu News 1.13%
Other of Baidu  5.86%


According to CIW, Baidu refers 27% of the search traffic to its own web properties. Among which, the top three are Baidu Knows (Baidu Zhidao, a Q&A style site), Baidu Encyclopedia (Badu Baike, Wiki style site), and Baidu Post Bar (Baidu Tieba, a forum style site). All these three along with the rest of the minor features partly do not concern the SEO/PPC a lot. If we take out the share which generated from those properties, the total percentage goes straight down to around 50%. This occasion may not only occur to Baidu, other search suppliers also benefit the market share form their own sub properties or we can call them the family products. Although Baidu will dominate the search market even with a 50% market share, and its place will not likely be threaten in a short period. As a SEO/PPC company our self, may we reconsider the real value inside search market share?