Demo Of Google Analytics Event Tracking

When using Google Analytics new Event Tracking feature, when you click on an item, it produces an action. The action is then associated with a previously defined object. Each action can also associate a label such as a store or user ID. When you click on the following item it creates a test action called success!

You can see from the below snapshot that it is registering actions called success. This is just an example but you can apply this to many other applications. Some of the things I’ve used this in past for are tracking views and clicks of specific objects, banners, and ads.

You can get really creative with this and create new objects based on whatever it is you want to track and input the actions such as views and clicks then associate the average value with either of those. You can also use it for tracking zip codes or searches people put into an object or search box on your site. If you have a store finder on your site, you can easily determine how many people access that feature, use the feature, and know which zip codes people are searching for and the number of times for each zip code. It’s a pretty cool feature that can be used in some creative ways. Although Google doesn’t want personal information, you could actually use this as a system to collect and store email addresses or any other information you want to track.