China SEO: 7 Major SEO Mistakes to Avoid in Your SEO Campaign

Today’s business owner is aware of the importance of China SEO and the ‘bennies’ one can receive -- unique traffic, increased profits, et cetera.  However, many business owners are going about it the wrong way. Unfortunately, many companies have wasted their hard-earned dollars on so-called SEO services that don’t produce good results.  If you value your time and money, here are 7 common SEO mistakes:

  1. Avoid waiting a long time to begin China SEO.  For instance, if you plan to launch your website next month, don’t wait three months later to start promoting your site. While your web developer is constructing your website you should contact a China SEO company . That way, as soon as your website is up and running, they can immediately start the SEO process.


  2. Avoid spamming your links over the Internet. Although it is true that the search engines love sites that have a lot backlinks, avoid placing spam links on blog sites, forums and social media sites. Spamming is not SEO.


  3. Avoid keyword stuffing your image alt tags and meta tags. Doing this is so passé. The search engines will completely ignore your site if you have too many keywords. And never place color-coded keywords in your footer with hidden text or your site could possibly get banned from the search engines.


  4. Ignore online ads and spam emails you may receive offering outrageous discount rates of $25 for 1000 links.  A professional China SEO company will never advertise a link building service for that amount of money.  Besides, what you need are quality links.  These fly-by-night companies do not offer quality links. These companies should be avoided at all costs!


  5. Avoid being inconsistent with your web content. Always provide people with a consistent flow of fresh SEO content. Your goal should be to post content that is linkable. In other words, your content should be so well written and interesting to read that other site owners will want to link to your site without you asking them to.


  6. Never underestimate the benefits of hiring a good China SEO company.  Remember, your Internet marketing strategy can make or break your website’s success. You should research China SEO services that are being offered online before hiring one.


  7. Avoid abandoning yourself from the entire SEO process when hiring a China SEO company. If you want to reap good results from a China SEO service, you have to familiarize yourself with the current techniques so that you can see if the SEO company is following industry guidelines.



Hiring a China SEO company for China SEO service will not only help increase your website traffic, it can help increase your monthly sales revenue.