The Baidu PPC Campaign

Most marketers do concern about marketing on Baidu in terms of China online marketing, as Baidu becomes the leading search engine with around 70% market share in China. They care the search engine, and love to run PPC campaign on this, but they may not realize how complex the process of PPC would be. It's not that easy comparing with PPC on Google.

Here's the procedure in brief as the followings.

The application of Baidu PPC for overseas companies is much complicated currently. You would be asked to provide the following 3 documents in the application procedure.

  1. Electronic version of business license of a company who runs the website
  2. Electronic version of above-mentioned document translation in Chinese
  3. Sign a guarantee commitment letter offered by Baidu. It's in Chinese. Please refer to the attached file.

The company should sign and affix company seal on all of the file, and offer the scan version.

If all of these are finished, the client should wire at least US$1,000 as initial deposit into the Baidu PPC account.