PPC Before SEO: Why Pay-Per-Click is Recommended

Client always ask: Should I start with paid search(PPC) or natural search(SEO)?

We strongly recommend that you start with paid search.

To Make SEO Efficient

PPC allows you to test a large number of keywords, and to measure the results on a keyword by keyword basis. From tracking back though the qualified leads, we can filter out the certain keywords which will most possible lead to orders and sales. This information can be used to target effective, high-impact keywords for your natural search efforts.

T o Make Better Website Presentation

Details changed in website, such as format, word order, and picture choosing, can result in the leads-generating-performance. Unfortunately, it is hard to analyze clue to the affection in natural search, and take a very time period. However, in PPC case, changes of website will respond very swiftly to the leads generation, and that can be very useful in website optimization.

PPC Will Reveal the Problems of Clients themselves

Experience taught us that if PPC generate leads but never influence sales, in this case, most likely the business itself might have some problems.

Unfortunately, much of our industry doesn't agree. They tend to focus on untested, often ineffective keywords. This may be due to the fact that natural search services tend to be more profitable than paid search services, as most of the money in paid search goes to Baidu and Google.

In our view, the only legitimate reason a business should focus on SEO before proving out keywords on PPC is that the company is in an industry niche that is not hypercompetitive and has fairly obvious primary keywords with significant search volume.