Expert China Search Engine Marketing


Whether engaging for traffic market share, block competition, for branding, or short term hot e-commerce China SEO has expert SEM managers to guide your campaign budget for maximum ROI and to ensure SEM budget is spent wisely.

SEM spending should always be linked with KPIs and ROI. PPC and banner ad costs vary from month to month, we often see swings of 300% or more in the market for same key words and/or advertising space depending on demand and competitor activity.
ChinaSEO are e-marketing experts and not there to “spend it” but to “conserve it for maximum benefit “ for our clients.
Limits can be breached in minutes so it is important to have professional management over campaigns, and to people whom truly care about the long term success of your business.

Search Engine PPC Advertising:

pay per click advertising,great way to test Key Word and traffic market share, often best ROI for targeted sales/lead generation.

Banner ads:

on sector blogs/websites/ news medias, as networking of search engines.
Great for branding and mass-market traffic boosts.

CHINESE LAND PAGE design and build

The 1st page you wish the Search Engines and your target Chinese audience to see during PPC campaign. Suggest to have different landing pages when you have different target audiences.
ChinaSEO can design and built on your-platform, or, we assist your web-master.
Landing Pages are designed and built according to targeted KPIs by PPC campaign, by audience, by product or by sector.

Get started with your online campaign:

Please contact us for your customized proposal of your SEM campaign on China search engines.

Elite managed SEM Services including China SEO and PPC campaign * implement & managerment with Chinese Landing Pages !

*Minimum Baidu PPC credit is $5,000 USD with minimum managed spend of $1,000 USD combined PPC per-campaign month if you do not have company in China.
**Price quoted for “starter” level bundled SEO and SEM for 6 months services.


Please contact us for customized proposal of your online marketing campaign in China.